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Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni is an herbal plant native to South America that is naturally sweet. Stevia leaves have been used by the Guarani natives of Paraguay for centuries as a traditional sweetening substance for food and beverages.

The complex molecules in Stevia are called Steviosides, which provide the sweetness.

The Stevia plant is a tender tropical perennial. Amazingly, this plant is highly adaptable and is presently cultivated as an annual, in a variety of diverse climate zones as far north as Canada.

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Stevia seeds

  • are derived from Stevia rebaudiana, Bertoni R42 - a specific selection which is of the highest quality, producing one of the finest Stevia plants with large, thick leaves
  • contain high quality and concentration of Steviosides
  • come from Organically Certified* plants,
  • contain no chemicals, fungicides, or pesticides
  • are green house pollinated
  • come with complete instructions

100 Seed Package $10.00
plus $4.95 flat shipping charge for every 5 packages.

Stevia plugs

  • 2" plugs in a tray of 72 plugs
  • 1 72 plug tray is a minimum order
  • Please note that Stevia Plugs are available for purchase only in Canada
  • 6-8 weeks for delivery

1 plug tray: $168.48

Please email us for details.
Use this link if above email link does not work.


Special Stevia Leaf Sample (discontinued)
Whole ground leaf for food processing experimentation. $10 plus $4.95 shipping.


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